Welcome to Monkton Academy!


We are a friendly, caring community found in the Simonside area of South Shields. Our school opened in 1965 and we have seen many generations of families come through our gates.

Monkton Academy is a Stand Alone Academy based Trust (Company Number 07984453) and one thing matters to us most. Our pupils. We are fiercely proud of how hard working, creative and well behaved they are. We strive to ensure the very best outcomes for all through the hard work of our dedicated school staff. School improvement underpins all that we do, to ensure our pupils receive the very best.

We want our children to feel part of the learning process, ensuring our curriculum is active, fun and vibrant.

We challenge all members of the school to have the highest of expectations.

We believe in the importance of working with and as part of a learning community to ensure we all can achieve.

We care about each other and offer care and guidance to make sure everyone feels happy and knows who to turn to.

We will strive to support all children to achieve academically, socially and emotionally.

We want you to know that we are the best school for your child.