#MONKTONMILERS  – Thursday 1st July 2021

Dear Parent/Carer,

We are writing to let you know about an exciting whole-school event which will be taking place in the summer term. As a school, pupils, staff and governors will be taking part in a ‘celebration walk’ on Thursday 1st July 2021. There is a dual purpose to this walk. Firstly,  we will be celebrating what we hope will be the end of a tough eighteen months in your child’s school life and secondly to raise funds for a former pupil of Monkton Academy who is currently gravely unwell and in need of repatriation to South Shield for further care. Your child will be able to tell you more about this!

The walk is designed to be relatively challenging so that children can feel a sense of achievement upon completion, in line with our school ethos – INSPIRE. EMPOWER. ACHIEVE.

There are three walks taking place across the course of the day so that we can cater for every child’s ability and most importantly, ensure that all children experience success! The whole school will be meeting at lunchtime to sit down together and eat, before continuing the final leg of their journey back to school. Maps of the planned journeys can be found attached to this letter. The three walks taking place are:

  • Stadium of Light à School – a distance of approximately 10 miles
  • Stadium of Light à South Marine Park – a distance of approximately 7.5 miles
  • South Shields à Marsden (and back) – a distance of approximately 5 miles

It is really important that children are properly equipped for this walk so that they are comfortable and avoid injury. Please ensure that your child has the following:

  • Comfortable and supportive walking shoes/trainers – these should be suitably ‘worn’ to avoid blisters.
  • Suitable socks – mid-length sports socks are ideal (not trainer socks).
  • Packed lunch and waterbottle – this will be eaten over the course of the day so please try to ensure your child’s packed lunch can be split across two to three little meals (high energy foods/slow release carbohydrates).
  • Backpack with two shoulder straps – children will be required to be self-sufficient and carry their own equipment throughout the day, a comfortable backpack is very important.
  • Cap & sun cream – staff will be paying close attention to the weather forecast in the lead up to this event. From here, we will be in a position to best inform parents of the best clothing choice for children.

To prepare pupls both physically and mentally, pupils and staff will be taking part in ‘training walks’ over the coming months. This is important so children have an idea of the distance that will be covered in July and can prepare accordingly. Preparation walks are something you may wish to complete as a family outside of school too. We would love to see photos of children completing training walks outside of school, please email these to [email protected] and we will celebrate this within school! Alternatively, if you post your photos on social media, use the hashtag #MONKTONMILERS to help us raise the profile of this challenge.

More information will be released in due course, but we felt it was important we share this message early to give you time to prepare.

Yours sincerely,

Monkton Staff Team


South Shields Metro to Marsden (…and back)


Seaburn Metro to Monkton


Stadium of Light to Monkton