Friday 7th January

Dear parents and carers,

As you will be aware, we value the importance of good school attendance and punctuality and aim to instil the very best values to our pupils. We would like to extend a huge thank you to you all, pupils and parents, for helping us in our journey to do this. The overwhelming majority of our pupils arrive in school on time, ready to learn. We appreciate that school attendance has been hindered drastically due to illness in recent months, including COVID and many other winter bugs. Nevertheless, it was wonderful to see so many pupils enjoying the rewards on offer at our attendance shop before Christmas.

Punctuality is something we are aiming to improve further across our school by promoting high standards for all. As you will be aware, pupils are greeted on the yard at 8:30am each morning. We do allow time for those children who attend breakfast club to finish and move into our classes ready for learning to start, so registers for the morning session are taken at 8:45am each day.

We will record pupils who arrive in school after a register has been called at 8:45am as late. Our registers will stay open for late arrivals until 9:15am. Any pupil arriving after this point will be marked in school as ‘late after the close of registers’. This does count as an unauthorised mark for the morning session.

When a pupil arrives in school after 8:45am we now ask that they come into school through the main entrance. Where possible, we ask that they are accompanied by an adult to sign a pupil in as late, giving reason for this. Where a child has walked to school alone, a slip will be sent home to confirm similar details. This will help us monitor punctuality more carefully, offering support where it may be needed.

We really do appreciate your ongoing support in promoting good morning routines and prompt punctuality to ensure all of our pupils receive the very best start to each school day.

Kind regards

Miss L. Heathfield

Vice Principal