Our Vision is to: Inspire, Achieve, Empower (in a circle design)


Our Mission statement is: Making Memorable Moments everyday; all day; for everyone


Our School Story: At Monkton, children are at the heart of all we do. We have a nurturing culture of resilience, respect and pride as well as a strong sense of community belonging. This ensures our children learn, collaborate and reach their full potential with the belief that anything is possible.

Our School story is what school life should actually look like and something we can easily measure against.


School Values (How we will Inspire, Empower and help our pupils Achieve.)


We INSPIRE pupils by:

  • Teaching exciting and challenging lessons that help us learn new skills and acquire knowledge
  • Inspire us to be physically fit
  • Develop our aspirations to explore the wider world
  • Encourage us by telling us we can do it



  • Teaching us life skills so that we can become independent
  • Knowing how to keep ourselves and others’ safe
  • Encourage us to be confident and feel good about ourselves
  • Help us to get along with all members of our school community



  • Challenging us and allowing us time to reflect and improve our learning
  • Providing an environment where we are confident to experiment and make mistakes
  • Promoting resilience and being able to overcome obstacles in our path
  • Giving us a variety of opportunities to succeed across the curriculum