What does English look like at Monkton Academy?

Our overarching aim is to promote high standards of language and literacy at a spoken and written level for our pupils. We aim to promote a genuine love of reading and writing by encouraging children to ‘write as writers’ and ‘read as readers’. We want children to leave our school with a love of literature, with the belief that anyone can be a reader or a writer.

Reading is an integral part of our curriculum – it allows children to get lost in another world. Staff work hard to provide exciting experiences for children which opens doors to their knowledge and understanding of the wider world. We are passionate about allowing our children to explore their surroundings and their history. We believe that providing enriching experiences, this will open the gateway to creativity and universal exploration for our children.

By the time our pupils leave KS2, we hope they have accomplished the following outcomes:

  • Children have high expectations for themselves and others around them.
  • Children can write at length for a variety of purposes and audiences with good grasp of key grammatical features and are willing to use adventurous vocabulary.
  • Children are able to express their thoughts and opinions in an articulate and considered way – both in written and spoken form.
  • Children can maintain positive attitudes to what they have read and acknowledge that literature comes in a variety of forms – not just fictional story books!
  • Children are confident readers and writers who will give anything a try!


What does English look like at Monkton Academy

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