RE: Spelling Shed                                                 8th October

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Spelling, the art of correctly assembling words from their letters, is one of the essential components of successful writing. Being confident at spelling leads to confidence in all aspects of literacy. The ability to recognise the links between word of the same origin and understanding word relationships has been proven to aid comprehension skills. Learning to spell helps to cement the connection between the letters and their sounds, and learning high-frequency “sight words” to mastery level improves both reading and writing.

As you are (hopefully) aware, children receive spellings on a weekly basis. They are tested on their knowledge of these spellings at the end of the week with a spelling test. The purpose of these tests is to assess how well the children have managed to practise, learn and implement their set spellings. The spellings your child receives are challenging, however rest assured they are always tailored to your child’s age and/or stage of development.

As a school we have recently bought into a software programme called Spelling Shed. This software allows children to access their weekly spellings from home using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. In the coming days, your children will receive log-in details for Spelling Shed and teachers will begin to set ‘assignments’ for their class. Assignments will be based around your child’s weekly spellings. They can access a range of fun and engaging activities/games that help them to learn, practise and improve their spelling.

We hope you will support your child in engaging with Spelling Shed at home, even ten minutes a day will have an impact on your child’s spelling. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to contact me at school directly.

Kind Regards,

Miss V Sheriff

English Lead