Dear Parents/Carers

We are aware of a post that has been circulating on a local social media website that affects both the professional reputation of staff and the school. We believe the post and comments use personal information, names and are unfounded and incorrect. Several comments also suggest causing physical assault or inciting verbal abuse towards members of staff. We take all such matters extremely seriously and will not tolerate any form of abuse, intimidation or harassment of any member of our school community. As a result, we have passed the matter to our legal representatives to take the strongest possible action.

Here at Monkton, we take the safety of all our community extremely seriously. We constantly strive to ensure all are safe in sometimes extremely difficult circumstances. In what has been a truly challenging year, the school has remained open over and above normal requirements and supported families in their hour of need. Most of this goes unreported, but we know the results when we see children’s faces every day. It is always frustrating when ‘key board warriors’ with little or no knowledge of school reality feel it is appropriate to comment with sometimes vile comments to gain their share of the limelight.

When we come to school, both staff and children, we are a family. We nurture, care and respect one another. All towards a common goal.

Like any organization, we don’t always get things right. When this is the case, we always look to improve and take the necessary steps to move forward.

We will not deflect from our path of keeping everybody safe, even in difficult circumstances when balancing the needs of the many. I wish to pay tribute to all members of staff and the school’s Governing Body for all their hard work and dedication to ensuring that we make memorable moments everyday, all day for everyone.

Can all at Monkton Academy, wish all our local community a very Merry and Safe Christmas and a Happy New Year

Steve Bowler                     Louise Heathfield                            Alison Sharp

Principal                              Vice-Principal                                   Chair of Governors